Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points. 180 Degrees EMPOWERS Elite Athletes and Coaches with impactful tools to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Welcome To 180 Degrees

180 Degrees is a non-profit organization that provides a Triple "A" Effect: Academics, Accountability, and Athletics. We provide opportunities for athletes to excel in their sport while mitigating the challenges and issues many elite or professional athletes face during and after their playing careers.

We work to ensure student athletes:

  • Maintain a core GPA as required by the NCAA and meet student expectations outlined by TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)

  • Successfully complete character development and SEL programs

  • Develop athletic skills to prepare for college exposure

We are the catalyst for athletes who want to develop their skills on and off the court. Let us help you close the gap between where you are to where you want to be.

What We Do for Athletes

  • Assess and assist in managing the multiple demands and pressures athletes experience

  • Prepare athletes for college exposure

  • Help navigate feelings of stress, depression, inability to focus, etc.

  • Work with athletes to navigate an environment that normalizes alcohol and drug use and unhealthy sleep patterns.

  • Seek to understand the athlete's unique needs and provide support to help meet personal goals and achieve fulfillment.

Henry Sims

Director of Operations

About Me

My capacity to lead is built on my experience as a standout district and state high school student athlete, member of the United States Boxing team which was selected to compete in the Olympics, and over 25 years of grassroots and scholastic coaching that resulted in a state championship. In addition to these athletic experiences, I am also a certified Life Coach, Professional Coach and Anger Resolution Therapist.

My philosophy starts with a strategic method of preparation with a focus on dedication and hard work which sometimes is non-traditional but effective.

Coach as a Leader

We all have the potential to be a leader. A leader is someone who lives with integrity, thereby inspiring and impacting others. These characteristics are why I chose to specialize in leadership coaching. Integrity, authenticity, being committed to something bigger than oneself and purpose is the foundation of leadership and productivity, but more importantly, they have come full circle.